"Mentoring" isn't just a buzz word or hot topic in the news. Mentoring is a mosaic of the people in our community, connecting to make life richer. Below are just a few stories that show the true magic of mentoring.

Maria and Sayuri

Maria and Sayuri are matched through Big Brothers Big Sisters Greater Pittsburgh and love to try new things together -- including ice skating!

Jack and Ethan

Matched through the Equitrans ASPIRE Program, this pair enjoy exploring career opportunities.

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Malissa and Calie

This Big Brothers Big Sisters match enjoys growing together.

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This high school student combines his love of soccer and social justice to mentor younger peers.

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Meena, Masa and Grace

Strong Women Strong Girls leverages strong relationships to empower the next generation of female leaders!

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Masoka, Divine and Coach Chloe

Building relationships over a shared love of soccer with Open Field.

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