Mentoring happens everywhere – at school, at home, in the community – and we’re there every step of the way to ensure that quality and intentionality are at the heart of all relationships for young people.  We ignite the power of relationships through formal mentoring and Everyday Mentoring®, all to connect more young people with adults who are prepared to help them dream big and reach their goals.

Formal Mentoring

Formal mentoring is structured, taking place within programs that place parameters around the mentoring relationship. We work with 150+ mentoring programs in the region and each one is different in terms of requirements and time commitments, which can range from an hour a month to several hours per week. We can help you find a volunteer opportunity that best fits your needs and interests!  Click here to search for mentoring programs in your area. 

Additionally, we offer a full training curriculum around structured mentoring. Workshops for mentors cover topics like Mentoring 101 and Understanding Challenging Behaviors, while courses for mentees focus on making the most of a mentoring relationship and how to identify and engage mentors.

Everyday Mentoring®

Children thrive when they are surrounded by caring adults in all areas of their lives.  We created the Everyday Mentoring® movement to bring mentoring to more kids in our region.  Everyday Mentoring® recognizes that adults everywhere can make a mentoring difference for the young people in their daily lives. Parents, teachers, youth sports coaches, librarians, crossing guards -- anyone who interacts regularly with young people can use Everyday Mentoring® to help youth feel known, recognized, cared for and supported.

Our Impact

The Mentoring Partnership grows mentoring to ensure that all young people in our community have caring adults in their lives who are equipped to help them feel safe, supported and empowered to dream big.

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A mentor sitting with a child on a curb and both are masked