Peer Mentoring
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Peer Mentoring Supplement to the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring


A new wave of research is highlighting the effectiveness of near-peer mentoring relationships in which older youth and young adults offer their support to those coming up behind them. These peer mentoring relationships are especially helpful around educational transitions—such as into high school or for college access and persistence—and effective entry onto a career path. These relationships have also proven to be impactful for the young people serving in the mentoring role as well, such as in boosting their leadership and communication skills.


Because these models hold such promise, MENTOR and the Taco Bell Foundation collaborated to produce a new publication designed to help practitioners and funders plan and deliver strong research-based peer mentoring programs. The resource will also be helpful to those working in K-12 spaces, especially school-based programs in which high school or middle school age youth mentor their younger peers. Much of the content will also be valuable to peer mentoring models focused on the transition into, and persistence in, college.


Download the summary, full report and checklist.


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