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Mentoring and Youth Mental Health Guide



Mental health is health...and it's been top of mind for many of us lately, especially when it comes to the young people in our lives.  Mental health challenges are on the rise for youth and there are many factors that can help to support positive mental health and well-being, including relationships!

Relationships play a large part in helping youth feel supported and they can be a critical protective factor when it comes to mental health challenges.  That's why it's important for caring adults to know how to show up for the youth in their lives -- and that's what this guide is for!

Available in both English and Spanish, "Mentoring and Youth Mental Health" shares information and resources about youth mental health and the unique role adults have in supporting mental wellness for all young people.  It includes tips for practicing self-care, setting social media boundaries, being an advocate and having a plan when mental health challenges arise.

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This guide was developed by The Mentoring Partnership and was made possible through a generous grant from Staunton Farm Foundation.