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Mentor Chat Podcast Season 6


Welcome to Mentor Chat Season 6!  Join Ashley and Sophia this season as they dive deeper into the Becoming a Better Mentor Guide! Episodes are released every other week and you can check them out below or search "Mentor Chat" on all major podcast listening platforms.

There are lots of important people in the lives of youth and mentoring relationships don't usually happen in isolation.  Connecting Champions knows this and is always intentional about working with others close to their mentees to help ensure positive outcomes. Join us for this discussion with Coy Thompson about how Connecting Champions collaborates with mentors, guardians, doctors, social workers, and others to support young people with cancer in learning about their passion, exploring professions, and navigating the cancer journey. 

Additional Resources 
  • MENTOR’s Becoming a Better Mentor Guide -- Chapter 7: Working with Others in the Mentoring Relationship System by Thomas E. Keller of Portland State University discusses how making an effort to get to know the other adults in a mentee’s life can improve a mentor’s understanding of and ability to communicate with their mentee. 
  • Connecting Champions 

S6: E2 Expanding Networks of Support with Justin Pacini at Crossroads Foundation 

Crossroads Foundation's approach to supporting their young scholars ensures that everyone has access to a diverse network of adults and peers. Join us for a conversation with Lead Counselor Justin Pacini to learn more about how their program centers relationship building and expanding the social capital of young people to help them access educational opportunities and achieve their potential! 

Additional Resources

  • MENTOR's Becoming a Better Mentor Guide -- Chapter 12: Expanding Networks of Support discusses how, by helping mentees strengthen existing relationships and form new connections, mentors can encourage the exploration of diverse pathways and improve their mentee’s access to new opportunities. 
  • Crossroads Foundation 
Setting goals can be challenging at any age. In this episode, we talk with Dr. Deanna Sinex about how Youth Enrichment Services (YES) and other supporting partners work with the City of Pittsburgh to implement the Youth Civic Leadership Academy (YCLA) to help youth explore career fields, learn valuable skills and gain access to unique opportunities. Their holistic approach to mentoring is clear in how they support youth in setting goals that are relevant to their own definitions of success and how they carefully consider the young person’s values, interests and experiences. 

Additional Resources