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Mental Health Awareness Month

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month.  While mental health and well-being is important all year round, May is the perfect time to educate ourselves and others about mental health. Raising awareness about mental health challenges is critical, but it’s equally essential to share strategies for maintaining mental well-being. Start a conversation about Mental Health Month or get your young person involved by doing a Mental Health Check-In.  

Stay Inspired

This May, TMP is committed to keeping our network informed about Mental Health Awareness Month. We'll be sharing information in a variety of ways: Everyday Mentoring Tips, social media posts and program spotlights. Follow us on social (@MentoringPGH) to stay in the loop and join the conversation!  

If you or your mentoring program would like to help spread the word about mental health awareness, check out Mental Health America's 2024 Outreach Toolkit.