Challenge Growth

Making New Friends

Let's Do This

Making friends can be a common worry for kids...especially at the start of a new school year. Whether the young people in your life are going to a new school or just trying to make some new friends in their class, you can play a role in helping them build relationships! Here’s some ideas to share with the youth you know: 

  • Be an includer! If you see someone sitting alone, ask if you can join them or invite others to join you for an activity.

  • Ask other kids open ended questions. For example, “What did you do this summer?” or “What are you most excited for this year?”.  
  • Introduce yourself to others. If you see someone you don’t know, take the first step and say hi.  

  • Compliment others. For example, if you like a peer’s outfit, let them know! This can make them feel good and be a great conversation starter. 
Stay Inspired

Meeting new people and making friends is a great way for youth to gain confidence and social skills. Challenge the kids you know to meet a new person every day for the first week of school. This will help to break the ice and grow their friend groups throughout the school year.