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Love For Our Libraries!

Let's Do This

Libraries are invaluable resources accessible to all, offering far more than just books. This week, April 7 – 13, marks National Library Week, providing a perfect opportunity to engage with the young people in your life about the wonders of libraries. Here's how you can celebrate National Library Week together: 

  • Get a library card: If you don’t have a library card, ask an adult to help you get one. It's a free ticket to a world of opportunities. 
  • Explore your library: Visit your local library in person or browse their website to discover their diverse offerings. Beyond books, many libraries provide resources ranging from video games to group programs.
  • Attend a library event: After exploring the library's offerings, sign up for or attend an event! Whether it's joining a knitting club or participating in Storytime, it's a way to support and celebrate National Library Week.
  • Volunteer: Since most libraries are nonprofit organizations, volunteers play a significant role. Check if your library has any volunteering opportunities - plus it's a rewarding activity to do with a young person or mentee! 

Stay Inspired

Keep the conversation about libraries going even after National Library Week. Explore the library together to fully appreciate its offerings. If they have more questions, utilize this resource to learn about the history of National Library Week.