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Learning from Mistakes

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Everyone makes mistakes, and how we handle them is important, especially when kids are watching. As caring adults, we can use missteps as teaching moments to help kids learn about accepting responsibility. This helps them build resilience, confidence, and avoids the blame game. Here are some steps to guide you: 

  • Let Them Face Consequences: If your young person forgets their homework, resist the urge to rescue them every time. Occasionally, let them face the consequences. It shows that mistakes aren’t catastrophic and that they can learn from them.
  • Own Up to Mistakes: Model responsibility by using phrases like “my fault” or “my mistake” when you make errors. This demonstrates acknowledging and taking responsibility for one's actions without shifting blame.
  • Coach Them: Once your young person grasps the concept of responsibility, gently call out any tendencies to blame others for their mistakes. Offer them a chance to correct this behavior. 

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Taking responsibility for our actions can be tough, but it's a valuable life skill. Once mastered, it becomes a tool for growth and learning. For more insights on teaching kids to own up to their actions and learn from mistakes, check out this article from