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Help Youth Form a Growth Mindset

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Are the young people you know starting to feel anxious about the upcoming school year? If so, help them prepare for it by fostering a growth mindset! The idea behind a growth mindset is the belief that a person’s most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. When children take on a growth mindset, they oftentimes perform better in school, build their self-confidence, and become more resilient when faced with challenges.  

To help children transition to a growth mindset, start by encouraging them to embrace learning. For example, when a child says that something is too hard for them, reassure them that it might just take some extra work.

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Help the children you know practice their growth mindset before school starts. Need ideas on how to do so? Check out this Kidsburgh article on 7 easy ways to add some growth mindset to your child’s summer.