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Finishing the School Year Strong

Let's Do This

Warm weather and sunny days can make it challenging for young people to focus on schoolwork. As a caring adult, you play a key role in helping them to finish the school year strong. Lead by example and demonstrate how to stay engaged and motivated.  What's one short-term goal they can set for themselves between now and the end of the school year?  Encourage them to stay present and embrace each moment.  

Stay Inspired

To help your young person stay motivated, make sure they have the supplies they need, such as pencils and paper.  And keep them feeling excited and positive by asking what projects they're working on as the school year comes to a close.  What was one of their favorite things they learned this year?  Reflecting on a year of growth is a great way to head into summer!  For more ideas, check out this article on How to End the School Year Strong