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February is Black History Month

Let's Do This

February is Black History Month, a month dedicated to celebrating the voices and achievements of past, present, and future Black leaders and changemakers, all while actively working toward racial equity. Join us in commemorating Black History Month by recognizing and honoring significant days: 

  • National Freedom Day: February 1 – This day memorializes President Lincoln signing the 13th Amendment, acknowledging our progress while recognizing the ongoing journey toward true equity. 
  • Bill Russell’s Birthday: February 12 – This is a day to uphold the legacy of Bill Russell, an NBA legend, civil rights activist, and mentor, whose influence continues to inspire positive change. 
  • World Day of Social Justice: February 20 – On this day, we unite with others worldwide in the pursuit of a more equitable society. Let's carry the spirit of mentoring into February as we celebrate Black History Month and actively contribute to the ongoing journey for justice and equality. 

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Extend your celebration of Black History Month to social media! Explore MENTOR’s Black History Month webpage for ways to amplify Black History Month online.