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Establishing a Morning Routine

Let's Do This

When heading back to school, kids (and adults!) sometimes struggle with getting back into a routine. To help make this year’s transition easier, help your young people establish a morning routine prior to the first day of school.  


A week before school starts, talk with your young people and help them think through their morning routine. Writing it down is a great way to prioritize what needs to happen and map out a timeline for each morning! Making a list and putting it into practice will help youth learn about time management and individual responsibility. Here’s a list to get you started:  

  • Make the bed - 5 minutes 
  • Get dressed - 10 minutes  
  • Eat breakfast - 20 minutes 
Stay Inspired

Be sure to practice the routine you establish before the first day of school in case tasks and times need to be adjusted. Let kids know that, while a routine is helpful, things can vary day to day. Want to help the older kids you know establish a routine too? Check out this article on How to Make a Daily Schedule for Students and share it with them!