Workplace Supervisors, Youth

Connect Focus Grow: Leveraging the Power of Relationships

This training is designed to encourage a mentoring mindset, while engaging with others. The focus of the training is to equip mentors, workplace supervisors and youth with the skills needed to successfully navigate a mentorship experience. This training is designed to be highly interactive and aligned with effective adult education practices. 
The standard 3-hour workshop includes:
This content will offer tangible strategies and tactics to help mentors, workplace supervisors, and youth build trust and rapport with one another. We'll also review the best ways to support, encourage and celebrate youth by leveraging the basics of positive youth development. We will integrate a focus on cultural awareness and humility, equipping mentors with tools and the opportunity to reflect on potential biases that may limit success in mentorship experiences. 
This content will provide mentors, workplace supervisors, and youth with tools and activities to leverage how to set goals and create action plans to achieve those goals. We will integrate effective coaching techniques so that mentors and workplace supervisors are not directing the goal-setting process with mentees, but rather creating a safe and structured space to reflect on and prioritize short and long-term goals. 
This content will review effective practices for giving and receiving feedback as well as dealing with common challenges in building relationships between mentors, workplace supervisors, and mentees. It will equip mentors and workplace supervisors with useful strategies for cultivating and practicing a growth mindset. 

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