Striving for Mentoring Excellence Coaching

What is Quality Coaching?

TMP's technical assistance program, Striving for Mentoring Excellence Coaching, gives partner organizations the opportunity to reflect, self-review and set goals for their programs.  During Coaching Sessions, TMP offers facilitated discussion, brainstorming and supportive resources to help "Striver" organizations reach national standards of quality.

Mentoring programs that have completed this process, and are currently operating by the highest national standards of quality mentoring, are listed below:

Quality Coaching Unscripted

Watch this video to get candid thoughts from programs that have completed the QC process!

Benefits of Participating in Quality Coaching

  • Align your program with research-based national standards
  • Demonstrate your commitment to quality programming to funders; potential mentors; and potential mentees and their families
  • Receive discounts on the cost of select TMP training opportunities and events

The Coaching Process

  1. Attend the Elements of Effective Practice Training (EEP): During this training, organizations are introduced to the six Elements that ensure quality in mentoring programs.  Organizations who attend the EEP training will also be introduced to the process of receiving a Striving for Mentoring Excellence Web Badge.
  2. Documentation Review and Survey: Interested organizations can choose to move forward in the Coaching process by completing a Documentation Review and a self-assessment survey.  These steps are designed to foster reflection and critical thought on program operations and processes.  TMP Coaches review submitted information to learn more about each program while identifying strengths and areas for growth.
  3. Coaching Session: During this 2.5 hour meeting, Strivers discuss the review process and brainstorm goals with the help of TMP Coaches.  The Striver designs a "Plan for Excellence" that outlines each goal with action items and benchmark deadlines.  After the meeting, TMP Coaches follow up with each Striver according to the deadlines in their Plan, offering support or resources as needed.
  4. Web Badge: Through this process, Strivers can be awarded Web Badges to visually demonstrate their commitment to quality programming to funders and community members.  Web Badge awardees are also publicly recognized through TMP marketing materials and events.

E-mail Meredith Bapir at to get started on the Striving for Mentoring Excellence Coaching, or sign up for an Elements of Effective Practice training.