Mentor Resources

Mentoring is a wonderful opportunity for individual growth and increased understanding of young people with different perspectives on life. Mentor’s often say that their time with their mentee is the highlight of their week.

​Below you will find information that will help you make the most of your mentoring relationship. 

1: Getting Started

Foundational information – the who, what, and how of mentoring

The Mentoring Partnership's Mentor Training Guide

The Mentor Training Guide covers a range of topics of interest to mentors, including the definition of mentoring, relationship development and effective communication.

The Mentoring Partnership's Mentoring Overview

The Mentoring Overview provides quick access to key terms and questions that are covered more in-depth in the Mentor Training Guide.

The Mentoring Partnership's Peer Mentor Handbook

This handbook, designed for peer mentors, covers much of the same material provided in the Mentor Training Guide in a style and language more accessible to younger mentors.

2: Child Development And Diversity

3: Communication Skills

6: Activity Ideas

Fun things to do with your mentee

If you’re running low on fun activities to do with your mentee, you can also visit our Pinterest page.