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Tip of the Week

Child Development: Pre-teen ages and stages refresher.

Let's Do This!

I can do it on my own!” Anyone with pre-teens ages 12-14 will tell you they’ve heard that plenty of times. At this age, a young person is learning how to set and achieve their own goals and adults should be poised to support them.


Important milestones for pre-teens:


  • They can take responsibility in planning and evaluating their own work.
  • They want to make decisions but still depend on adult guidelines.
  • They can set long-term goals and plan strategies to reach goals.
  • They are implementing simple plans.


Pre-teens may express the desire to “do it by themselves,” but we should be there to catch them just in case they need a little help.

Stay Inspired

Check out this ages and stages refresher guide for more insight into pre-teens!  This is a great resource, but its important to remember that children are individuals and advance at their own unique pace.

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