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Tip of the Week

Modeling our emotions.

Let's Do This!

Have you been angry about something that just happened at work or at home? Maybe at a friend who upset you? Did you know that your emotions from one interaction can be carried into other interactions even though the two interactions are unrelated? If you are angry, you are more likely to take unnecessary risks.


When we engage with young people, it’s important to keep this in mind. If you feel as though you are unnaturally irritated or upset with your mentee before you even meet them, take a moment to reflect on what may be causing those emotions in other aspects of your life. By taking that moment, you can prevent an unnecessary misunderstanding that may threaten the quality of your relationship.

Stay Inspired

Take some time this week to examine your Emotional Intelligence (EQ), or your ability to recognize your emotions and control them. Try this quick EQ test from the Institute of Health and Human Potential.

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