TMP Program Spotlight: Nurture PA

Jan 2, 2018

At NurturePA, volunteer mentors support moms during the first three years of her baby’s life -- all through an innovative text messaging program. Mentors use custom software to share parenting information, make referrals to community resources and, perhaps most importantly, build relationships during a critical time in the life of a mom and her baby. 

The effort NurturePA mentors put into forming and maintaining positive relationships with the moms they support is one reason why the program is so successful. 98% of moms enrolled in the nurture program recently reported that they have a positive relationship with their mentor -- a true testament to the work of all the wonderful volunteers! 

Would you like to support other moms in our community, but don’t have much time to spare? As a NurturePA mentor, you can make a major impact with only a minor time commitment. Learn more about becoming a mentor!